Dr. Med. Vet. Klaus Hellmann, Dipl ECVPT has been awarded a visionary CEO award by IHS Markit® for his key opinion leader status in pharmaceuticals, biologicals, feed additives, feed materials, medical devices and phytopharmaceutics as well as his role in transforming Klifovet into a leading animal health contract research organization. Klifovet AG was founded by Dr Hellmann in Munich in 1997 and specializes in the management and conduct of efficacy and safety studies, as well as full product development services and regulatory affairs capabilities that works globally with companies ranging from multinationals to start ups. Klifovet will remain under Dr Hellmann’s leadership as part of Argenta and Dr Hellmann will join Argenta’s senior leadership team.


In 2019, the editorial board of the Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics decided to publish a special issue on antimicrobial drugs. Two of our esteemed colleagues, Professor Lees and Professor Toutain, both with an exceptional track record on antimicrobial drugs in veterinary species, were invited to write a review on the history of AMD uses in animals. The special issue will ultimately be some eight r nine articles in total. The first review on the Our history is now available as “early view” and is available through the link below.

When asked about the inception and process of writing this review, the Professors responded:

“As we sat down to write, we realised what a huge task faced us but, nothing daunted, we did produce an article which, in spite of its considerable length, still had to select from the literature and indeed even condense the selected items. We naturally have given the review a ‘pharmacological emphasis’, BUT we have sought also to cover key topics comprehensively, beyond the confines of our discipline. We sought also, as we state in the text, to be fair in our judgements but not ‘to prosecute the past in the court of the present’. We hope that you enjoy reading it.”

Martin Hawes and Arno Werners have recently established the Veterinary Educators in Pharmacology Special Interest Group (VEPSIG). The main objectives include sharing ideas and best practice approaches for teaching and learning veterinary  pharmacology, at  undergraduate and postgraduate level, as well as being a sounding board for veterinary pharmacology educators from around the globe. Furthermore, the group focusses on gathering evidence through the scholarship of teaching and learning with the ultimate goal to work towards competency-based veterinary pharmacology education. We extend an invitation to like-minded colleagues who wish to join our growing Group (currently 40 members from 16 countries). 

If you are interested in joining VEPSIG, you can find the instructions for registering on VetMedAcademy to enable you to access the VEPSIG member area below.  It’s a brand new site, so very little posted so far, but we hope that will change rapidly!

Please click on this link and follow the instructions below to set up your membership:

  1. VetMedAcademy
  2. Register with VetMedAcademy
  3. Add VEPSIG (and this needs to be in capital letters) in the "Additional Information about Member” box. This will immediately make you a member and give you access to the VEPSIG module once approved bij the VetMedAcademy team.
  4. Once you do have access, please go to the blue "member info" button and follow the instructions on the page.
  5. You now have access to the module and can check out all the information that we have on the module

CVMP agenda, minutes and reports can be found on the EMA website.

In collaboration with ECVIM we are offering a unique opportunity for diplomates and residents. At the 31st annual ECVIM-CA congress, hosted virtually between September 1st and 4th, ECVPT will present a pre-congress stream on the use of biomarkers. 

The programme of the ECVPT stream during the ECVIM-CA congress is now officially launched and can be accessed through the ECVIM congress website

We hope to have a high ECVPT diplomates attendance. If you register, you will be able to attend all congress sessions (ECVIM and ECVPT). This is a great opportunity to enhance our continuing education and a way to established long-term relationships with colleagues from other colleges.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you in attendance!

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Members of the American Academy of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics and the American College of Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology began working in 2012 to develop a consensus list of competencies for day-1 veterinary graduates for pharmacology and therapeutics.  The process involved a stand-alone workshop, sessions at AAVPT Biennials, and conference calls and asynchronous work. The working group included Dawn Boothe, Jennifer Buur, Trisha Dowling, Marion Ehrich, Virginia Fajt, Tomas Martin-Jimenez, Lara Maxwell, Katrina Mealey, Paul Mills, Stephen Page, Nicolas Villarino and Arno Werners.

Once the draft list was formed, an additional step was taken, a Delphi study, to finalize the list. You can now access the article published by the Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, through this link. The article is available as "free to view." This means that you can download the article for free, but it is still copyrighted by the journal, so it cannot be posted anywhere or shared.

The full list of the competencies can be accessed via the AAVPT website.