With more than 80 participants from 20 countries from 4 different continents, KLIFOVET and the Association of Veterinary Consultants (AVC) were able to host the first international conference of regulatory experts covering presentations on the systems in US, Latin America, Eastern and Western Africa, the mid-East, Russia, Japan and the European Union. After the opening of the conference by Alessandro Agostini, president of the AVC, the CEO of KLIFOVET, Klaus Hellmann, welcomed the participants and started the conference with an overview of the current situation of the Animal Health industry followed by:

  1. Overview of the current EU regulation
  2. Regulation of Feed Additives in the EU
  3. The new VMP regulation in the EU
  4. Current regulations on VMP and FA in Russia and the countries of EEU
  5. Current regulations on VMP in Japan
  6. Current regulations on VMPP in Brazil and South America
  7. Current regulations on VMP in West African countries
  8. Registration of Animal Health Drugs in the USA
  9. Current Regulation on VMPs in Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries

The conference gave a unique overview of the regulatory requirements for the registration of animal health and nutrition products, presented by top experts of the individual markets. Plenty of networking opportunities for the participants during the day and the dinner in a typical, traditional Munich restaurant with brewery were well accepted.

Companies and individuals interested in the registration of animal health and nutrition products may contact KLIFOVET for support in the above markets.

Independent veterinarians who are consulting the industry and are interested in becoming a member of AVC should join this association at www.avc-eu.de .

On July 19th 2019, ECVPT in collaboration ESVNU hosted the "Pharmacology and the Kidney" at the Royal Veterinary College in Camden, United Kingdom.

The joint scientific meeting was attended by more than 80 delegates from many different European countries.  The programme covered 4 pairs of topics, each consisting of a basic pharmacological presentation and a more applied complementary clinical viewpoint of the same or a related topic.  The topics ranged from nausea and inappetance in the CKD patient, antimicrobial drug break points and current guidelines on antibiotic use in UTI and RAAS blockade and the management of proteinuria and hypertension.  The final session examined new data on bone mineral disturbances in CKD and the cellular signalling pathways of hypoxia in the kidney and their potential use as drug targets.

All the talks provided an up to date evidence based overview of the topic and generated much discussion from the delegates in the breaks.  Poster presentations were encouraged from Residents and PhD students and the ECVPT executive committee selected the best one to be presented as a talk during the meeting.

In summary, we were very encouraged by the success of this joint meeting and hope this will be the first in a series where ECVPT unites with other Colleges and Societies within the European Veterinary Community to deliver good quality continuing professional development.

The meeting proceedings can be found here.