The credentials committee is responsible for establishing guidelines to assist applicants applying to sit the diploma examination. They receive, evaluate and approve the candidacy of the applicants for residencies and examinations. Once approved, the credentials are forwarded to the examination committee.

General questions concerning the credentials committee can be asked using the contact link below.


Credentials Committee Chair

Dr. Martin Nürnberger


Credential Committee Members:

Dr. Andreas Ehinger

Professor Lloyd Reeve Johnson


The Examination Committee is responsible for the final examination of the residents before they can become a Diplomate. The committee prepares and administers the yearly diploma examinations and is responsible for the quality of the examinations. The exam consists of multiple choice questions, essay questions and objective case management questions.


Examination Committee Chair

Professor Ronette Gehring 

Examination Committee Members

Dr. Dax Vendrig

Dr. Aude Ferran

Prof. Mathias Devreese

Dr. Sandra Halwachs

Prof. Clare Bryant

The Nominating Committee is responsible for eliciting candidates for vacant positions on the different college committees. They therefore distribute a written call for nominations to the Diplomates and report their findings to the Executive Committee at least three months before the elections. The list of nominees should be known by the Diplomates 2 months before the elections.

General questions concerning the nominating committee can be asked using the contact link below.


Nominating Committee Chair

Professor Eran Lavy

Nominating Committee members:

Professor Richard Martin

Dr. Pascal Richez

The Education and Residency Committee is responsible for setting criteria for the residency programmes, for approving the programmes and their sponsors, and for monitoring each resident's progress through the receipt of regular reports. The E&RC will maintain lists of approved residency programs, approved supervisors and current residents. It will document detailed requirements for residency programmes that are necessary for approval by the College.

General questions concerning the education &residency committee can be asked using the contact link below.

Education & Residency Committee Chair

Professor Wolfgang Bäumer