In 2019, the editorial board of the Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics decided to publish a special issue on antimicrobial drugs. Two of our esteemed colleagues, Professor Lees and Professor Toutain, both with an exceptional track record on antimicrobial drugs in veterinary species, were invited to write a review on the history of AMD uses in animals. The special issue will ultimately be some eight r nine articles in total. The first review on the Our history is now available as “early view” and is available through the link below.

When asked about the inception and process of writing this review, the Professors responded:

“As we sat down to write, we realised what a huge task faced us but, nothing daunted, we did produce an article which, in spite of its considerable length, still had to select from the literature and indeed even condense the selected items. We naturally have given the review a ‘pharmacological emphasis’, BUT we have sought also to cover key topics comprehensively, beyond the confines of our discipline. We sought also, as we state in the text, to be fair in our judgements but not ‘to prosecute the past in the court of the present’. We hope that you enjoy reading it.”