A complete list of requirements for residencies can be found in the Residency training brochure. In brief, an applicant should:

  • be licensed to practice veterinary medicine and surgery in the countries of the European Community of the European Free Trade Association, unless relieved of this obligation by the Board;
  • have a satisfactory moral and ethical standard in the profession. Evidence of personal or legal misconduct, such as misrepresentation or convicted felony, may be sufficient reason to reject an application;
  • by the time of the certifying examination, have devoted at least forty-eight (48) months after the date of graduation from veterinary school, to specific education, training, and practice in veterinary pharmacology and toxicology

This 4-year period should usually be divided as follows:

  • an internship of at least one (1) and in some instances two (2) years, plus
  • a residency (standard or alternative) of at least three (3) years.

After successful completion of an internship, the applicant needs to complete the Resident Application From and submit this form to the Credentials Committee.