The European Board of Veterinary Specialisation (EBVS®) is the umbrella organization for veterinary specialties within Europe and is composed of one voting representative from each of the EBVS-recognized veterinary specialist Colleges.

EBVS includes 27 veterinary specialist Colleges, comprising more than 36 distinct specialties with more than 3860 veterinarians active as a European Veterinary Specialist™.

European veterinary specialists are ready to serve the public, its animals, and the veterinary profession by providing high quality service in disciplines as varied as anaesthesia and analgesia, clinical pathology, companion animal or equine internal medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, pathology, pharmacology and toxicology, public health, and zoological medicine.

EBVS® awards European Veterinary Specialist™ status based on a specialist diploma being awarded by one of the 27 recognized veterinary specialist colleges following the completion of rigorous postgraduate training, education, and examinations. In addition, European Veterinary Specialists™ are required to demonstrate every 5-years that they still satisfy the criteria for specialist status.