Regulation 2019/6 of the European Union, published in January 2019 and coming into effect in January 2022, marks the most relevant change in the landscape of the registration and commercialisation of veterinary medicinal products for a long time. For those developing new VMPs, the Annex II of this regulation will provide highly important details on the requirements for different VMPs: pharmaceuticals, immunological and non-immmunological biologicals, specialities and a variety of novel therapies. After EMA/CVMP providing their proposal to the European commission, member states have been providing their input and an updated draft version is expected soon. This conference targets to provide a platform for discussion and possibly one of the rare public international opportunities to discuss “Expectations of the Annex 2 proposal of Regulation 2019/6” of the different stakeholders with speakers from the European Medicine Agency, national competent authorities, industry and other experts.

KLIFOVET is a leading regulatory consultancy and contract research organization with a history of organizing conferences on hot topics in the animal health space. Such conferences are known to be of excellent quality, providing most relevant and current knowledge and providing excellent opportunities for networking and socialising. Don’t miss this unique conference held in the centre of Munich, Germany on 6th and 7th February 2020.

Whilst we are still working on the exact speaker panel and the final agenda, please find the current draft agenda HERE.

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